Able Benefit Group specializes in Final Expense life insurance, and Medicare Supplemental Coverage. My business practice centers around helping to educate and advise Seniors that are age 50-89, and searching for Final expense and Medicare Supplement products. I am committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable costs.   

Since I am Independent, I have the ability to represent most of the largest and the highly rated insurance companies in the United States. This affords you, the client. the ability to remain in the comfort of your own home while I assist you in designing a plan, navigating the entire market, provide you quotes, and answer all your questions.

I will NEVER badger you to purchase any Life Insurance or Medicare Supplemental products you are not interested in. I am highly ethical and only want to do whatever is in the best interest of all the Seniors I am privileged to serve.


We are passionate and CARE DEEPLY about helping Seniors with quality and cost effective products that will help them and their families while in their golden years and up until the end of their life course. My experience in this area enables me to know which insurers will offer approval for every individual situation, at the lowest cost for our clients. This has proven to save them both time and money. Our number one priority is always YOU.

I specialize in helping Seniors who currently have existing Life Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Coverage or no coverage at all as I am able to educate, and advise with my unique Policy Review Service at no charge. Too many seniors do not have the right coverage in place or are overpaying for current coverage. I don’t believe in suggesting that a policy be replaced or cancelled if this is not in the best interest of my client. In many cases, it’s important to recognize that the best policy many Seniors may have is the one they are currently paying for. Unfortunately, since they don’t deal with insurance every day, most seniors are not aware of the coverages or even the terms of an insurance contract they may own. I am delighted to help provide this service. 

I am committed to serving the best interest of my clients. With Able Benefits Group, you will be talking with a licensed and experienced professional, who recognizes that people make purchases when they are ready, and I insist on treating all prospects and clients with honor and respect. 

Whenever there is a claim, I will personally get involved with the Insurance Company to make sure my client’s claim is being handled in a fair and timely manner.


My name is Kevin McCormick and I am the founder and principal of Able Benefit Group. An Independent Insurance Broker licensed in multiple states in the USA, I am primarily inspired to help Seniors with Burial Policies and Supplemental Medicare Benefits. A career of helping others has always been a passion for me and I am delighted to help any way I can. I myself, a Viet-Nam era USMC Veteran, am a “young” and vibrant Senior Citizen with 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren. I entered the Insurance business after college, and worked for METLIFE from 1980-1987. Then I spent many years in the construction equipment field while still keeping my licenses active, and decided a few years ago to resume my Insurance career focusing primarily on the Senior market, and I have never been happier. I am a dedicated Christian and very involved with my local Congregation, and also enjoy bike-riding, running, and walking my German shepherd “Buddy”.