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Final Expense Life Insurance Simplified

*  First day full coverage available in most cases without a 2 year
    waiting period for full death benefit coverage.
*  Applying is so much easier than most people think.
*  There is no need for a medical exam  in order to qualify.
*  Basic health questions regarding medical history only requirement.
* Companies will conduct a prescription drug and medical history check
    through MIB (Medical Information Bureau) to confirm your health for eligibility purposes.
* Most applications take less than 30 minutes to submit and normally make
     an instant decision.

Compare Quotes with Able Benefit Group

* Compare rates from  multiple HIGHLY rated carriers.
* Complete access to day one coverage policies.
* Qualify for life insurance despite your health condition.
* Seniors with major health issues up to 89 years old!!!!


  • Able Benefit Group specializes in Final Expense life insurance, and Medicare Supplemental Coverage. My business practice centers around helping to educate and advise Seniors that are age 50-89, and searching for Final expense and Medicare Supplement products. I am committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable costs
  • Since I am Independent, I have the ability to represent most of the largest and the highly rated insurance companies in the United States. This affords you, the client. the ability to remain in the comfort of your own home while I assist you in designing a plan, navigating the entire market, provide you quotes, and answer all your questions.
  • I will NEVER badger you to purchase any Life Insurance or Medicare Supplemental products you are not interested in. I am highly ethical and only want to do whatever is in the best interest of all the Seniors I am privileged to serve.

Final Expense Life Insurance Simplified